Conference2Although the water sector remains the largest user of ozone and related oxidants, other applications in the food, industry and health sectors are also growing. Advances in ozone and related oxidants address conventional and emerging water and environmental issues (e.g. DBPs, emerging contaminants, pharmaceuticals, EDCs) as well as air & soil remediation. Research in these areas continues to advance and new applications continue to emerge.

This conference will bring together researchers and professionals with interest in ozone and advanced oxidation to present and discuss the current state of knowledge and latest advances in the field.

Topics of interest relevant to the Conference theme include but are not limited to the combinations of:

  • Ozone and Advanced Oxidation for the water-energy-food-health nexus
  • Micropollutants and emerging contaminants
  • By-products formation and control
  • Advanced oxidation
  • Disinfection
  • Analytical methods for ozone and related oxidants
  • Ozone and related oxidants generation
  • Hydraulics, hydrodynamics, mass transfer and contactor design
  • Ozone contactors
  • Reaction mechanisms and kinetics
  • Modelling, validation, system design
  • Wastewater treatment, recycling and reuse
  • Waste, Air and Soil treatment
  • Industrial applications
  • Infield full scale applications
  • Hybrid ozone processes
  • Innovative applications of ozone and related oxidants
  • Regulatory perspectives…

The IOA wish to continue to offer the world the unique opportunity:

  • To interface with scientists, researchers, students, engineers, users, technical experts, representatives of leading organizations from various disciplines,
  • To share the latest information on research topics, current issues, technologies under development, new applications, full-scale experiences and equipments and products,
  • To discuss directions able to deliver innovative, competitive and sustainable solutions which address current and next challenges.