Swansea areaTechnical visits will close the Conference on 28 October full day.

The opportunity to discover also the Swansea area.

The tour is currently arranged for the Conference delegates.

This tour will depart from and return to the Conference center. Special registration will be required. The fee will include bus transfer.

Visitors will have to provide copy of ID card or passport one month prior to visit. Wearing of trousers and closed-in walking shoes is recommended. The organisers reserve the right to cancel or limit attendance at any tour with monies refunded subject to minimum and maximum registration numbers.

Steanbow Farm

The Ststenbow-farmeanbow Farm hosts over 50,000 chicks. The farm uses the Airedox purification processes to deliver ozone to purify the feed, air and water supplies. The ozone treatment lowers the pathogenic bacterial contamination, which reduces the need for antibiotics, and improves the feed conversion ratio.

This visit will demonstrate ozone use in chicken farming and will provide an excellent opportunity to see yet another fascinating application of ozone.

Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research (CSAR)csar1

The Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research, CSAR, provides research and technological development in the aquaculture sector with areas of specialty overarching themes of: food and fuel security, low carbon tcsar2echnologies, climate change research and blue biotechnology.

CSAR operates from state-of the-art, controlled environment facilities in Swansea University. Equipped with modern, fully programmable recirculating aquaculture systems and benefitting from a modern ozone-sterilised water intake and discharge.