The European African Asian Australasian Group of the International Ozone Association is organizing an International Conference & Exhibition entitled

Ozone and Advanced Oxidation
Solutions for Emerging Pollutants of Concern to the Water and the Environment.

This Event is scheduled to take place on the 5 to 7 September 2018, in Lausanne, Switzerland. This event continues a long series of successful conferences organized annually.

With the aim of offering the most suitable framework to share information and to strengthen relationships between all professionals and scientists working worldwide in this field, the Conference will feature:

  • Scientific sessions with oral and poster presentations and forum discussions on all topics of interest related to the Conference theme
  • An exhibition opened to any organisation to display technologies, products and services
  • Technical visits for practical view of technology implementation
  • And social and cultural activities for the enjoyment of the delegates and their guests

We would like to invite all concerned with the fundamental, engineering and applied aspects of oxidation techniques involving ozone and related oxidants and/or UV techniques and all interested in environmental and human health protection, industrial manufacture and conditioning, medical therapy to contribute to this event and join us in Swansea.

We urge each scientist, researcher, student, engineer, practitioner, representative of leading organizations and companies to use this Conference to further their knowledge and expertise and to promote them.

We look forward to welcoming you to this event.

Frédéric Violleau
IOA-EA3G  President