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Our experts partner with customers around the world to provide solutions for the toughest water and process challenges. Leverage our water treatment systems and technology to reduce costs, meet environmental regula1ons and prepare for changing demands.
SUEZ’s ozonia® ozone technology porJolio includes products from the laboratory scale to the largest ozone systems ever built. SUEZ uses our extensive ozone technology experience to provide the industry’s most reliable and robust products.
We have been the ozone industry pioneer for over 25 years. Trust us to deliver the highest quality ozone solutions to meet your treatment challenges.
WABAG Water Technology Ltd.

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WABAG Water Technology Ltd. is the leading plant contractor for drinking water and wastewater treatment in Switzerland. Originating from the Sulzer Group and active in plant construction for over 60 years, we can be proud of more than 140 reference plants in Switzerland alone. Our portfolio includes all aspects of classical plant construction; furthermore, we have our own laboratory, a research and development department, process engineering competence for drinking- and wastewater processes including our own processes and patents and a competent, client-oriented service group. Therefore, we can offer a wide range of services ranging from studies and pilot tests to turnkey plant planning and implementation.
WABAG Water Technology Ltd. is the technology hub of the WABAG group with over 2000 employees worldwide and over 1400 plants built in the past 20 years.


Since more than 30 years BMT is specialized on photometric measurement of ozone in air, in oxygen, and in water. BMT is a technology leader in the measurement of ozone in moist off-gas and moist vent-gas, and ozone in water. An exhaustive range of accessories is offered to support single source design. And we are supplying small but advanced air cooled ozone generators for ozone experiments and for small scale ozone systems. Our ozone instruments are used worldwide in many kinds of ozone applications such as: semiconductor, pharmaceutical, ballast water treatment, medical, and chemical. For ozone treatment of water and waste water we are offering complete solutions for all points of ozone measurement in the plant.
DE NORA Water Technology Italy


The pioneer of modern electrochemistry technology, De Nora brings a long history of innovation to familiar water treatment products like the Capital Controls® original all-vacuum gas chlorinator, which introduced groundbreaking chlorination safety in 1960 and continues to be the industry benchmark today. De Nora applies decades of product innovation and experience to a growing portfolio of disinfection and filtration technologies, including ozone and advanced oxidation. A trusted supplier to more than 1,300 installations globally, Capital Control® Ozone from De Nora brings expertise to oxidation for disinfection, biological sludge reduction, color and odor removal, and micropollutant treatment in drinking water, wastewater, and industrial process water. Systems offer capacity up to 6,000 lb/day and proprietary XTL™ dielectric that decreases maintenance and increases uptime. Skid-mounted and containerized systems provide excellent design flexibility.
 Dr. Hänsler Ozonosan



For more than 60 years Dr. Hänsler Ozonosan is specialized in Ozone-Oxygen-Therapy;
in addition to ozone technology, the company has also devoted itself to basic scientific research and clarification on the application forms of ozone therapy, thus developing a safe, simple and effective treatment method now recognized everywhere:
The perfect systems for the use of ozone in hygiene, clinics, hospitals and research.
All our units, the Ozonosan line, are setting new standards: the integration of a photometric measuring unit with autocalibration and continuous ozone level control are an absolute guarantee for permanent quality control.
Hänsler OZONOSAN is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485, on the basis of the European Directives for Medical Devices MDD (93/42EWG), all the products are marked CE 0123.


Statiflo is a world leader in the development and application of static mixers, gas dispersion systems, flow conditioners and associated technologies. The company was founded in 1983 and since then we have established an extensive list of satisfied customers and have a wealth of experience in the design and supply of process equipment. We are a privately owned company with the Head Office situated in Macclesfield, England, consisting principally of Chemical and Mechanical Engineers. Statiflo have branch offices in the USA, Germany and Canada as well as distributor offices world-wide and we are proud to be approved to Quality control standard ISO 9001. All of our units are custom designed and built to suit the individual requirements of each customer. To date, we have supplied static mixing equipment to over 80 countries world-wide, to every process industry and have an excellent reputation for the supply of high quality equipment world-wide. The Statiflo gas dispersion system is ideal for new facilities as well as retrofitting applications and has been proven to continually meet or exceed our guaranteed 95% mass transfer efficiency.


They were exhibiting at the last IOA events held in the Euopean Asian African Australasian regions.

2017 Conference at Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

  • SUEZ (Ozonia)
  • Dr. Hänsler GmbH / OZONOSAN
  • Zhejiang Water Guardian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd / Metawater
  • Shanghai Dayuan Environment Technology & Engineering Corp., Ltd

EA3G2016 Conference at Swansea University, UK.

  • SUEZ (Ozonia)
  • AirSep Corp. – A chart Industries company
  • Enviro Technology Services
  • Xylem

2015 IOA World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain

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