One technical tour will close the Conference on  7 September full day.

The opportunity to discover also the Lausanne area.

The tour will feature the Drinking Water Plant located at the Bret Lake. “Lac de Bret” is in the municipality of Puidoux, in the Vaud canton, north of Lake Geneva. The natural lake is used as a drinking water reservoir for the city of Lausanne. The first dam was built 1875 to supply water for the Lausanne-Ouchy funicular.

The Bret plant can produce 19 000 m3/d. The quality of the water is very good because the treatment process is modern and very complete: preozonation, flocculation, flotation, two-layer sand filtration, ozonation, activated carbon filtration and final chlorination.

The main asset of the Bret plant is its altitude (670 m), which allows water to be transported to the next Chailly reservoir (614 m) without pumping.

The operation of the Bret plant by the Service de l’eau of the Ville de Lausanne ( Water Service of the City of Lausanne) currently provides:

  • The production of 5 to 6 million m3, the great majority of which flows by gravity towards Lausanne;
  • The emergency water supply of 24 communes, Puidoux and A.I.E.J (Intercommunal Association of Jorat Waters);
  • The production of water in case of crisis thanks to the presence of a generator and the gravity of water transport to Lausanne.
  • It also ensures:
    • the management of the lake, in particular in order to avoid its overflow;
    • the management and maintenance of the shores of the lake, because the water service owns the parcel surrounding the lake.

  This tour will depart from and return to the Conference center.

   Special registration will be required. The fee will include bus transfer and lunch at the Restaurant du Lac.

Visitors will have to provide copy of ID card or passport one month prior to visit. Wearing of trousers and closed-in walking shoes is recommended. The organisers reserve the right to cancel or limit attendance at any tour with monies refunded subject to minimum and maximum registration numbers.