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IOA-EA3G is committed to organize events in various countries. The publication catalog records all proceedings available

  • International IOA-EA3G Conference on Ozone and Advanced Oxidation for the Water - Energy - Health Nexus

March 29, 2017, Berlin, Germany.
Organized in collaboration with Wasser Berlin International.

  • IOA-EA3G International Conference on Ozone & Advanced Oxidation for the Water - Energy - Food - Health Nexus

26-38 October 2016, Swansea, UK
Organized in collaboration with Swansea University.

  • IOA-EA3G International Conference Ozone and Related Oxidants for Water Treatment, Food Processing, Agriculture, Industry, Health and Environment.

3-5 June 2014, Dublin, Ireland
Organized in collaboration with UCD School of Biosystems Engineering.

  • IOA-EA3G International Conference: Ozone and Related Oxidants for Water Treatment

2-3 December 2013, Shanghai, China
Organized by IOA-EA3G and Tongji University.

  • IOA-EA3G International Conference in conjunction with Wasser Berlin: Ozone and Related Oxidants in Safe water along its cycle.

23-24 April 2013, Berlin, Germany

  • IOA-EA3G International Conference & Exhibition. Ozone & related oxidants to meet essential human needs. Uses for agri-food, industry, water and health.

4-6 June 2012, Toulouse, France

  • IOA-EA3G International Conference. Ozone & related oxidants: solutions for emerging pollutants of concern to the water and the environment

28-30 April 2010 - Geneva, Switzerland


  • Joint IOA and IWA conference in the framework of Wasser Berlin on Oxidation Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment.

30 March - 1 April 2009 - Berlin, Germany


  • IOA conference in the Americana event: Ozone: basics and applications in water Treatment

19 March 2009 - Montreal, Quebec


Focus on abatement of micro-pollutants and toxicity and by-products control in water and wastewater with ozone and AOPs

  • IOA-EA3G conference in Pollutec, L'OZONE, PARLONS-EN !

December 3, 2008 - Pollutec Lyon, France


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