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The International Ozone Association [IOA] is a scientific and non-profit making organisation incorporated in the United States of America. Membership is open to all nationalities and for administration purposes the Board of Directors of IOA has created Regional Groups. The following Bylaws apply to the European African Asian Australasian Group.


Article I - Formation, Name and Symbol

The International Ozone Association [IOA] has created, by Resolution of the International Board of Directors, an organisation known as the European African Asian Australasian Group of the International Ozone Association, referred to as the "EA3G Group" which may be abbreviated as IOA-EA3G or EA3G, and governed by the Law relating to non-profit making organisations in the country where the Registered Office is located.


Article II - Aims

The aims of the EA3G are identical to those of the International Ozone Association, as follows.


  • To collect and disseminate information on, and to promote research in., any and all aspects of ozone and related oxygen species technologies through conferences, workshops, symposia, newsletters, bulletins, journals, books, pamphlets, or other public information media, or other means.

  • To provide liaison among industry, educational and research institutions, governmental agencies, conservation groups, and the general public in information collection and dissemination, problem solving, or research in ozone technology and applications.

  • To receive, manage, and use any real or personal property, or any funds, received by the Association by payment, bequest, grant, purchase, or otherwise for the purposes of the Association.


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